And in the beginning…..

Howdy all. Duck and I (Kat) finally decided to collaborate in an amazing photography duo and of course what come with the territory… the BLOG! Granted we are the last ones on the blogging train but then again, that’s why they made a caboose and it has our names on it! So we are on board and fashionably late to the party and ready to rock.

Now we are on the West Coast for a week and about to start our cross country road trip back to New York. After a long week in San Francisco and a great shoot today, we are off to LA for yet another fab shoot with MUA extraordinaire, Courtney Lynch (look her up, check her out, and throw some work her way cause she is WORTH IT!)…

Keep checking out the blog. We will be posting not only out adventures on the road but behind the scenes of shoot and whatever shenanigans are along this long road we call life. Should be fun, if not entertaining.

Beam me up Scotty or rather over and out for now. Check us on the flip side, or again tomorrow cause you never know what it holds.

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