Bang bang my baby shot me down

Monday was a fun shoot at Baker Beach.  Thought we should really capitalize on the time we spend here in SF and squeeze in a shoot into our schedule.  Plagued with troubles and cancellations, we finally pulled through in our usual fashion with a nice fashion shoot.  Sadly, not as much sun as we had all hoped, it definitely has a distinctive San Francisco feel to it Рfog and all.

We shot at the bunkers, we shot in the surf, we shot in the sand and we shot in the trees.  In my usual fashion (Kat) I managed to fall straight into the Pacific with my phone and CF cards in my pockets Рoh no, the first half of our shoot was on those cards!  Luckily everything dried out and still worked fine Рthe world did not end.  Finished off with our trade marked Voltron maneuver to get the perfect overhead shot!  
So we went home after 8 hours with sand in my pockets, sea water squelching out of my boots, and a distinctive dried salty feeling to my skin, but with a nice 8 look SF summer story on our computer.  Everyone gets a pat on the back and now off to buy some dry socks!

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  1. Bunnie says:

    dont know how I stumbled upon this site but you guys are awesome! :-)


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