Pan American Death Trip Pt. 3

Specifically New Orleans. Booked 2 nights at this lovely boutique hotel next to the French Quarter. Sad that our friend in NOLA were out of town, but we did get a bunch of advice on where to go. We had the most amazing food, gumbo, blackened redfish, marinated crab claws, po’boys, and bignets! We also squeezed in checking out 2 of the many hundred (or so it seams) cemeteries, a drink on Bourbon Street, a trolley ride, a voodoo shop, and both buying and then breaking my jar of pickled okra on the floor of the bignet shop. And yes, it was a hot, sticky, sweaty 106 degrees!!!! Sad to leave, not sad to get out of the weather. Much come back and visit friends. Everyone there was so bloody nice!
Decided the get the hell out of Dodge and come back to the land of the living. We were tired and we missed the cats, so drove straight through Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Jersey – that is not an easy feat kids!
Now we are back, rested, showered, and back to the task of being photographers. Stay tuned there is always more to come……

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