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We have a lot of shoots currently under review right now and hopefully will be able to share the final outcomes really soon.  We had a shoot with this fantastic upcoming fashion designer, Samantha Sleeper Рkeep an eye on her, we have a feeling she is going to do some spectacular things.  The story is dark and moody, glamorous and sexy, we love love love this shoot and just cannot share yet!  We also have been experimenting on the cove in the downstairs studio Рan entire room of white coved loveliness!!!

As always in the meantime, we have outtakes!  You do just love seeing our beautiful faces!

Oh yes, and in other news, we hung out the other day with one of Duck’s photographer friends from San Francisco, Hudson Cuneo.¬† Check out his work -it’s divine!

Hudson Cuneo

We went out to Coney Island last Saturday, something I have not done since I did that shoot for Auxilliary Magazine’s Summer issue!¬† It was a perfect day, nicely overcast and threatening to rain.¬† So we grabbed umbrellas and went to the seaside.¬† Sadly everything was closed except one lonely Peruvian roast chicken stand.¬† With the promise of beer we sat down and oredered some chicken and plantains only later to find out that the aforementioned beer was not to be!¬† It was still a great day talking shop and a nice excursion out from the photography studio!KDchains

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