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We have not posted in a while since we are waiting for a number of shoots that we have finished to be published so we are at a bit of a stand still for now in terms of what we can show here on this blog.¬† When not shooting, editing, marketing, etc we have been catching up of the latest of the fashion week offerings from around the world.¬† While some shows were better than others and it is a bit of a personal opinion, where better to express one’s personal opinions that on a blog!

Sorry to be using the first person in this section, but since I am writing this in the middle of the night while Duck toils on with the blogs backend and design, I shall be using I instead of us for the rest of this post.

I have been obsessed with the McQueen show for this season! Not that I found prior reasons lacking, but in all honesty I was not as excited with a few of his past seasons. I LOVE McQueen for the other worldliness he brings to his shows. To watch his show is not to watch another model walk down a shiny white catwalk wearing ridiculously overpriced separated you will see knocked off in the local high street shops in a few seasons. No, to watch one of his shows is more akin to seeing a performance with costumes you would imagine in in a dream, or at least in a west end show. It started with a very sensual underwater video that had a distinct music video quality. It was a very inspiring show though a little long. It was called Plato’s Atlantic. The prints were gorgeous and the shoes amazing! The show started in vibrant colour ways of snakeskin prints on what I imaging to be silk matched with shoes reminiscent of fetish ballet shoes and equally easy to walk in judging by the models cantor. The show progressed from above ground to an underwater inspired palette of shimmering blues and iridescents. I am completely in love and am dying to shoot these pieces!

If you have no idea what i am talking about you can see it here, thanks to the ShowStudio blog:


Other inspirational videos on the ShowStudio blog I have been watching lately is the winning movie made by Ruth Hogben for Gareth Pugh. Ruth Hogben has been awarded a prize for her Gareth Pugh A/W ’09 film at the second annual A Shaded View on Fashion Film festival in Paris. That is another really fantastic fashion blog written by Diane Pernet. It’s not to be missed. A Shaded View That being said, the film it a stark contrasty affair showcasing models in Pugh’s designs walking a undulating to a rhythmic almost industrial beat. Using freeze frames, split frames, and mirroring editing techniques, Hogben really makes this video rock. She creates a mood and feeling that is entirely unique to and truly captures the essence of Gareth Pugh and his vision.

Seriously watch this film: Pugh

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