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We occasionally step into the realm of music photography. Definitely something we would like to do more of. When our friend Jonny Rose approached us to do some promo work for him, we jumped at the chance. He asked for a more contemporary electro feel to the images, simple plain background, more of a portrait of an artist. It was a relatively quick shoot, 2 wardrobe changes, and a couple silhouette shots. Overall pretty good job. The label likes it (really important), the artist likes it (also important), and we like it! For Jonny all things have been go since teaming up with Jive Records. We have got to see him really grow as an artist. When we met him we was in a musical duo but in the past year he has branched off on his own and really has come into his own!

Check out his work:

The Jonny Rose Project
Jonny’s Myspace

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