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Recently our dear friend, and the lady who introduced the two of us to each other, interviewed us for her blog. Kristin Cofer is a Bay Area girl, and self proclaimed Siouxsie Sioux admirer, recently relocated to beautiful Pittsburgh, PA. Her original blog, which some you you may remember, was called Design that Kills, but now as we all do, she has moved on to bigger and better things as well as a collaborative project with the delightful Richard Wayne – urban cowboy. The result is Hiss and Hearse. It’s a blog about all things art, fashion and design.


Kristin is a lady of impeccable taste and creativity and it is reflected in her blog. I am not just saying that because we are featured, but I’m just saying…. We were so delighted she asked us to do an interview and appreciative of all the kind words she has said about us and our work. It is always nice to have friends in the same industry whose creativity you both mutually admire.

Thank you Kristin Cofer for the introductions, both to each other and to your blog audience. Now you must come out to NYC for a visit and maybe even a collab…

Now after sounding like a total love fest –

Please do check out the interview here (as well as the rest of her blog):

Kat+Duck Interview on Hiss and Hearse

Hiss and Hearse are also fellow photographers, graphic designers, and fashionistas extraordinaire! Keep up on their blog (and ours!)….

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