Black Thursday

Since I only seem to blog about McQueen’s genius when I am not talking about our photographic endeavors, I thought this to be an appropriate place to say a few words about him and the sadness that is enveloping the fashion world today.

I awoke today to terrible news.  Alexander McQueen had killed himself at the age of 40.  This is terribly sad news.  This is a man who inspired many.  He was the reason I decided to become a fashion photographer.  His genius was limitless and will be sadly missed.

His unique creations ascended fashion into something of a spectacle, a performance, and art piece.  With great attention to detail, use of unconventional items, and classic Seville Row trained tailoring, he brought his imagination to life every season on the catwalk.

Sadly, the last few years of his life he had lost close friend Isabella Blow (credited to launching him into fashion fame) and his mother last week.

I hope he has finally found some peace.  His legend will live on.

Alexander McQueen Website

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  1. elena says:

    I¬¥m totally agree; this¬¥s an unfair lost, of a genious………………..but he¬¥s spirit will remind in all of us that respected him n adored his work.

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