Westwood ’80-’89 @ FIT

Today we visited the new exhibit at the Museum at FIT – Vivienne Westwood, 1980-89. It was dissected into 3 parts, aesthetic, press coverage, and clientele. The exhibit focuses on her transformation from “street” provocateur to fashion designer. While there were a few interesting pieces at the museum, it was not nearly as in depth as I would have liked. There were many more magazine tears on the wall than there were outfits on display. While it was interesting to see the detail stitch work in person, Duck felt the exhibit focused a lot more on her relationship and the designs created with Malcolm McLaren then it did on her as a designer in her own right. You can definitely see a progression from street punk clothier to skilled designer tailor through the course of the 80s.

I do love her tailoring work and was glad to see a few suit pieces on display as well as my favorite rocking horse shoes (of which I own a pair). I only wish I could post an image of my favorite piece, but I was yelled at by security for trying to whip out even my phone! I can say that it was a beautiful asymmetrical one shouldered black pant suit with over sized large bishop sleeve houndstooth blouse. Again, unfortunately the mannequin was turned at such an angle I could not get a proper good look at the outfit.

All that being said, if you are in NYC, the exhibit runs through April 2. Judge for yourself…

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