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Please Ignore The Man Behind The Curtain – Some Magazine Shoot

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Inundated with Photoshop this week, we thought it was time to take a quick look back at outtakes and behind the scenes. We plan on doing this a bit more often since there are always many more images we would like to share than what gets printed.

There wasn’t enough space in our last post to include these behind the scenes gems from the nude shot, featured in Some Magazine. So here they are. Some a bit silly, some a bit serious, but a pretty good overview of what happens on the other side of our cameras.

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Kenzie: a test and a half!

Friday, December 11th, 2009

We tested out a new stylist for this shoot: Tara…… We LOVE her!!!! She not only has a really great aesthetic she is not afraid to bring quality designers to a test. So many stylists do buy and returns at sub par shops – H&M to name one. Don’t get me wrong, I do love shopping at H&M but no magazine worth their salt will touch H&M for an editorial. The images are really only going to look as good as the fashion and she understands that.

The theme was bodysuits and fantastic shoes – OMG shoes!

Kenzie is an up and coming model from the new faces board of Wilhelmina. She is young but such a delight to work with. Once we put her in the fashion, all I could think was, damn girl your legs go on forever! Such a good quality in a model – for sure.

We stared with masking off a scrim to add some depth definition and texture into the background, but then when our key did not fire we thought dark and moody might be a good way to go for the first look. This is the bonus to testing, you don’t have to keep the lighting a feel the same throughout since there is not a full coherent story as the final. We tried different lighting, different gels, different post production treatments, and we are very happy with the end images. The model and the booker got a variety of different types of shot and we got to try out some things we are planning on using in future editorials. This is why testing to so important, not only to us but to new models and new people we are adding to our team.

What’s your sign…

Thursday, December 10th, 2009

Recently our dear friend, and the lady who introduced the two of us to each other, interviewed us for her blog. Kristin Cofer is a Bay Area girl, and self proclaimed Siouxsie Sioux admirer, recently relocated to beautiful Pittsburgh, PA. Her original blog, which some you you may remember, was called Design that Kills, but now as we all do, she has moved on to bigger and better things as well as a collaborative project with the delightful Richard Wayne – urban cowboy. The result is Hiss and Hearse. It’s a blog about all things art, fashion and design.


Kristin is a lady of impeccable taste and creativity and it is reflected in her blog. I am not just saying that because we are featured, but I’m just saying…. We were so delighted she asked us to do an interview and appreciative of all the kind words she has said about us and our work. It is always nice to have friends in the same industry whose creativity you both mutually admire.

Thank you Kristin Cofer for the introductions, both to each other and to your blog audience. Now you must come out to NYC for a visit and maybe even a collab…

Now after sounding like a total love fest –

Please do check out the interview here (as well as the rest of her blog):

Kat+Duck Interview on Hiss and Hearse

Hiss and Hearse are also fellow photographers, graphic designers, and fashionistas extraordinaire! Keep up on their blog (and ours!)….

What black and white and beautiful all over?

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Elena Test (©2009 Kat+ Duck)

hair: Meen Hair

MUA: Daniel K

styling: Francesca Barbarosa Otto

model: Elena Hernandez @ Next Model Management

We had the delight of shooting Elena who was in town for a brief while visiting from the UK.  At the time she was visiting agencies to get signed, but one look at her portfolio and we knew she would not have trouble finding one to sign her, but to choose which one she wants be be with.  Since then, she is now signed with Next Model Management and shooting in LA!  Congrats Elena!

Styling the shoot was Francesca Barbarosa Otto from Italy.  The concept was black and white to really take advantage of the studio cove (it has since turned into a green screen film studio).  The shoot was all about styling, shapes, design, and silhouette.

Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

Friday, September 11th, 2009

The other test we recently finished with Major Model Management (Tsubasa) was another shoot that originally was supposed to be something completely different.¬† With the beautiful new white cove studio reserved, we had everything lined up for a 9am shoot.¬† It was going to be a full fashion story with 6-8 looks based on architectural shapes – very strong graphics and silhouettes.¬† 9am rolls around no model no fashion….. hmmmm, not to fear, the name of the game is improvisation.¬† We called our favorite people over at Major and they sent over Tsubasa, a very beautiful model from Japan.¬† Fashion showed up right before then with a newly inspired Michael Jackson look.¬† Not what was planned on, but working none the less.¬† The unfortunate part of the day was that we had lost time and instead of a full fashion story that we could shop around, we had to limit it to a test since we had to be out of the studio by 5pm.¬† Stll, some lovely images and we now LOVE shooting on the cove, and shooting in black and white!

Don’t Stop ‘Til YouGet Enough (¬©2009 Kat+Duck)

MUA: Daniel K

Hair: Kristin Jackson

Fashion:  Bianca

Model: Tsubasa @ Major

Gone Fishing

Friday, September 11th, 2009

We finished all the post for the last 2 tests we did with Major Model Management.

We had one of our favorite hair stylists come all the way from Baltimore with a case full of hair and a simple concept Рnets.  Granted as always the shoot did not take form how we originally envisioned it, but the finals are quite nice.

Neon Nets (©2009 Kat+Duck)

Hair: Kahlil Oliver

MUA: Daniel K

Model: Kacie @ Major

Pictures of you

Monday, August 31st, 2009

We have a lot of shoots currently under review right now and hopefully will be able to share the final outcomes really soon.  We had a shoot with this fantastic upcoming fashion designer, Samantha Sleeper Рkeep an eye on her, we have a feeling she is going to do some spectacular things.  The story is dark and moody, glamorous and sexy, we love love love this shoot and just cannot share yet!  We also have been experimenting on the cove in the downstairs studio Рan entire room of white coved loveliness!!!

As always in the meantime, we have outtakes!  You do just love seeing our beautiful faces!

Oh yes, and in other news, we hung out the other day with one of Duck’s photographer friends from San Francisco, Hudson Cuneo.¬† Check out his work -it’s divine!

Hudson Cuneo

We went out to Coney Island last Saturday, something I have not done since I did that shoot for Auxilliary Magazine’s Summer issue!¬† It was a perfect day, nicely overcast and threatening to rain.¬† So we grabbed umbrellas and went to the seaside.¬† Sadly everything was closed except one lonely Peruvian roast chicken stand.¬† With the promise of beer we sat down and oredered some chicken and plantains only later to find out that the aforementioned beer was not to be!¬† It was still a great day talking shop and a nice excursion out from the photography studio!KDchains

There is something caught in my net

lost in the void

the oldest profession

Better late than never

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Something my parents always told me that it is always better late than never so here is un update and hopefully more regular posting that is for sure!  So the last posting was from waaaaaay back in June after our fabulously long and hot road trip across country, starting with a nice little test shoot in San Francisco.  I can finally post some outtakes and some completed images from that shoot!268704_800_bf136f



K+D SF outtakes

It was fun, but rather in the past so we move on.  Since coming back we did some testing with Click Model Management, which was fun and we tried out differnt lighting techniques and feels from the usual beauty we normally do.  We thought this time we will do something pretty :)





And in the beginning…..

Monday, June 15th, 2009

Howdy all. Duck and I (Kat) finally decided to collaborate in an amazing photography duo and of course what come with the territory… the BLOG! Granted we are the last ones on the blogging train but then again, that’s why they made a caboose and it has our names on it! So we are on board and fashionably late to the party and ready to rock.

Now we are on the West Coast for a week and about to start our cross country road trip back to New York. After a long week in San Francisco and a great shoot today, we are off to LA for yet another fab shoot with MUA extraordinaire, Courtney Lynch (look her up, check her out, and throw some work her way cause she is WORTH IT!)…

Keep checking out the blog. We will be posting not only out adventures on the road but behind the scenes of shoot and whatever shenanigans are along this long road we call life. Should be fun, if not entertaining.

Beam me up Scotty or rather over and out for now. Check us on the flip side, or again tomorrow cause you never know what it holds.