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Impostor Magazine: A studded affair

Friday, February 4th, 2011

After much wait our last fall fashion story has been released in the new magazine Impostor, a new, independently owned and operated fashion and photography magazine based out of Seattle, Washington. It’s currently an online magazine soon to go to print and we are their first cover.

Photography: Kat+Duck
Photo Assistant: Shadi Best
Styling: Kathleen Muldoon
MUA: Christopher Milone
Hair: Christopher Naselli
Hair Assistant: Brittany Romney
Models: Olga Alexandrovskaia @ Q Model Management
Svetlana Mukhina @ Elite Model Management


Being Defiant

Monday, November 8th, 2010

Last month, Bacall Michaels, the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Defying the Mainstream, asked us if we would shoot the contributor portraits for the latest issue of The Defiant.

Now, portraiture is not something we normally do so we seized the opportunity to challenge ourselves and think outside of our fashion box. It was an chance to hang with some really cool artistic kids and try to draw out their individuality and have it show on camera.

Thanks to The Pudding Factory we had a very industrial and visually interesting location… and with a little help from my personal friend red wine, we captured each contributor’s personality and had a blast doing so!


Here are all the contributors plus Bacall in a final shot before we wrapped… minus Justin who had to run (it was past midnight).



Wednesday, November 3rd, 2010

Over the weekend MOMA PS1 held the MOVE! exhibition that featured 12 collaborations between fashion designers and modern artists for a two day long event. The collaborations were live performances and interactive installations.

While the spacious galleries of PS1 were notably not filled during this event, what was there was fun, interactive, and thought-provoking; blurring the lines between fashion and fine art.

A favorite of ours was the Terence Koh featuring Calvin Klein collaboration. This one definitely was more fine art than fashion. (we are fans of Koh’s work!)


Another highlight from the event was the Cynthia Rowley and Olaf Breuning collaboration. Rowley designed plain denim shirts, trousers and dresses which were then dressed on a model who was walked into a plastic lined box and splashed with paint. The dresses were then photographed, and removed to dry.

This was definitely more fine art installation but resulted in a whole one off fashion collection. (Breuning really liked Duck’s bleach splattered vest he wore to the show)


Over all the show seemed to be a success, but we would have liked to see a few more designers and definitely some locally based designers and artists.


Tuesday, October 19th, 2010

We have watched Samantha Sleeper, creative genius behind NPRPA, grow as a talent from her senior thesis days back at Parsons. So, when she asked us to work on the SS 2011 look book, we had to say yes. The collection was shot over 2 days.

The first day was a video shoot where we were called in to do the production stills. Shot outside on a gorgeous sunny day in Williamsburg (though a little on the hot side), the sun and wind added to the breezy pastel palate of the collection, really setting the mood for Spring.


The second part was a studio day to shoot what became the printed look book. We had Dani, an awesome model from One Models with us for both shoots. Kitty Andrews Millinery did a special collaboration project – 4 specially designed hats – for Spring 2011.


And after a long day we finally wrapped!


BEVEL NYC, Ball Game

Monday, September 27th, 2010

While attending the Sang Bleu Magazine launch party and art show, we met Jonathan Goldstein, the mastermind behind the new jewelry brand BEVEL. A short while later, he contacted us to shoot his first look book. His first collection is called “Ball Game”.

The story behind the line is the legend of the Hero Twins, the oldest Mayan creation myth to have been preserved in its entirety. Each piece has 3 states of being: modern, classic, and sacrificed. We tried to stay true to the line’s tribal feel, with the help and art direction of Char Alfonzo, in the look book we shot.

Check out more of Jonathan’s work here BEVEL Jewelry NYC.

Models: Manuel Ramos + Jill @ Re:quest Models
Models2: Jahbar + Barry
Makeup: Alejandro Calvani



Designer Watch: Frank Nathan

Friday, August 6th, 2010

Frank Nathan is a recent Parsons graduate and already is designing stunning conceptual pieces, using the most luxurious of furs and fabrics. We got to shoot a look book with him before he left for Paris.

His latest collection is inspired by soft furs, inkblots and the darkest parts of the human mind. Frank invited us to view the line before we started working together and we fell in love with his craftsmanship on first glance. Not only did he use fur in unexpected ways (his gray sweater dress is actually woven fox fur), but used crystals and mixed different cuts of deep purple fur to play with the light that hits the pieces.

To reflect the original inspiration of the line into the look book, we decided to turn the model into a Rorschach inkblot through the use of mirror images.

One of our favorite pieces was the studded alligator helmets. We definitely need to get a pair of those for our studio!


Tuesday, July 20th, 2010

After much wait, our hair story (though chopped down to 3 looks) is out in DisFUNKshion Magazine.

Photography: Kat + Duck
Stylist: Samantha Sleeper
Hair: Andreas Hinteregger
Makeup: Christopher Milone
Photo Assistant: Shadi Best
Ely Turrietta @ Direct NY
Mick S @ Wilhelmina
Courtney G @ Wilhelmina

Below are the rest of the images which we feel are worth having a butchers…

Designer Watch: Samantha Sleeper…Where do you find enough hours in the day??

Thursday, June 17th, 2010

Samantha Sleeper seems to be the woman of the moment. We first worked with her almost a year ago, while shooting her senior thesis look book: straight out of Parsons. Since then she has gone on to be lead designer for new luxury dress line N PRPA as well as designing her own shirt line, Saturday Night/Sunday Morning amongst her many projects. This is crazy since she is just a year our of school and all of 23 years old! Now everywhere we look, there is another article written about her, from Women’s Wear Daily to 944 Magazine. This is what makes her one of our designers to watch, and a fav to share a Jameson with…

Here is her thesis collection we shot for her almost a year ago (time does fly). This was really one of the first shoots that Kat + Duck did as a team and Sam’s designs really rocked our world. We’ll always have a strong attachment to these images…but we get super excited every time the phone rings and there’s a new collection to check out.

And her more recent designs for N PRPA (from Fall/Winter 2010, Resort soon to come)

What we did last summer at Houtkamp

Wednesday, June 16th, 2010

Fantastics Mag picked up the fashion side of the Houtkamp story! Please check it out. We are still thrilled with her work, always gorgeous tattoos and paintings! And we even snuck in a personalized tattoo on Laura……

Photography: ©2010 Kat+Duck
MUA: Christopher Milone
Hair: Sharmeen
Wardrobe Stylist: Jersey
Model: Kara Shelton @ Red NYC
Model : Laura @ Muse

Deluxx Digital: Blanca

Thursday, June 10th, 2010

Please check out the latest issue of Deluxx Digital. We have a story in there that we shot with the lovely Blanca from Mexico, with Muse NYC. We decided to have a little fun, get a little colorful, and Blanca was a doll to work with.

Photography: ©2010 Kat+Duck
Hair/MUA: Ronoldo Escobar @ Ford
Stylist: Marissa Adele
Model: Blanca @ Muse NYC

Playing catch up

Friday, April 16th, 2010

As I mentioned in the last post, not much chatter coming from our peanut gallery here in this blog for over a month. This means we’ve got some explaining to do. Besides anxiously awaiting print dates for our Spring editorials (which we are still doing…. more to come), we have been shooting summer editorials (again I cannot tell you more) and as always we test test and test.

The last test we did was with the lovely Brazilian, Bruna from Wilhelmina. Local Brooklyn designer Pupusza Couture loaned us some of her Spring collection. The result is a super saturated explosion of color.

MUA: Christopher Milone
Hair: Hair by Trinity
Wardrobe: Papusza Couture
Model: Bruna@Wilhelmina

Before that we worked with an amazing stylist we know, Marissa Adele. This test almost didn’t happen, but in the end we pulled through and worked into the night thanks to Direct Models and Basic Model Management

MUA: Daniel K
Hair: Kristin Jackson
Wardrobe: Marissa Adele

I Turn My Camera On

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

We worked with fashion stylist, Tara Denman, a little while back to create this story. It is the story of a girl and her Holga. We were inspired to use some of the older cameras in our collection and shoot some film. For this one we only used the Holga, but I do see a Rolleiflex and of course my Mamiya RZ67 in our not too distant future. We just need to find a good place to get the film processed. The place we went to scratched all of our film Рso much retouching!  We would also like to thank Kara Shelton from Red NYC for working with us and enduring the cold that night, she always brings it to our shoots!


BG Magazine beauty editorial

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

We have been SUPER busy this past month with editorial work, but we have a moment to get back on track and update the blog.

This month we are happy to say that we shot a cool beauty editorial and one of our images was used for cover for BG Magazine. The story is 1 part of a 2 part vision concepted by Chris Milone, and based on the works of Dutch tattoo artist, Angelique Houtkamp. Check out her work, it is amazing. We are only sad that she is booked out for the rest of the year and could not tattoo us when we traveled to Europe this May.

Skin & Bones (@2010 Kat+Duck)
MUA: Christopher Milone
Hair: Liz Lazo
Model1: Jessica@MC2
Model2: Milena@Wilhelmina

Check out more of Angelique Houtkamp’s work HERE

Animal Farm: working with animals

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

Today we decided to try something new. Now working with multiple models can get tricky. I find that whenever one in totally on point the other is looking off into space or doing something that is not quite on par. Now these trouble multiple exponentially the more models you add into a set.

What happens when one of your models is an African gray parrot?

We have a friend (and hair stylist) that has a few exotic birds as pets. The are always at the studio, hanging out on everyone’s shoulder, saying inappropriate comments. Then we had an idea, what sort of fab prop would one of those make in a shoot?!?!

Directing people is trouble enough, but think of doing it with a bird, untrained, does not speak English, and we definitely do not speak parrot.

In the end, all you can really hope for when working with animals is the one perfect shot where everyone is doing something magic. Though I do have to say that I does make the editing process MUCH easier since there are so many no’s.

Working with animals there are a lot of “bloopers” (as much as I really despise that word). Merlin, parrot, was eating the models hair, jewelry, lips, got covered in makeup, and started to fly away. Some of these outtakes turned out to be images that we both really liked. So you never really know what to expect from animals and that is part of the fun. They definitely do bring their own personality to the shoot. I think in the future we I would like to work with a very larger dog, a pig, a chicken and whatever else I have on offer.


moving 3 cats and a duck across 2 rivers and an island…

Sunday, January 3rd, 2010

A few days ago we packed up all our studio gear and our cats and moved from New Jersey to beautiful Brooklyn on the coldest day of the year. I don’t know quite how we accumulated so much stuff especially since 1 (Kat) have only been on the East Coast for a little over a year!

We are now in the process of opening boxes and trying to figure out what we managed to leave behind. This means that we don’t really get to shoot until we set up the new studio. Still looking to get risers and another pocket wizard, but after that we should be ready to roll once again.

So no new images for a week or so but here is a few beauty images we took with Erin McCarthy for Makeup Forever a few months ago.

Kenzie: a test and a half!

Friday, December 11th, 2009

We tested out a new stylist for this shoot: Tara…… We LOVE her!!!! She not only has a really great aesthetic she is not afraid to bring quality designers to a test. So many stylists do buy and returns at sub par shops – H&M to name one. Don’t get me wrong, I do love shopping at H&M but no magazine worth their salt will touch H&M for an editorial. The images are really only going to look as good as the fashion and she understands that.

The theme was bodysuits and fantastic shoes – OMG shoes!

Kenzie is an up and coming model from the new faces board of Wilhelmina. She is young but such a delight to work with. Once we put her in the fashion, all I could think was, damn girl your legs go on forever! Such a good quality in a model – for sure.

We stared with masking off a scrim to add some depth definition and texture into the background, but then when our key did not fire we thought dark and moody might be a good way to go for the first look. This is the bonus to testing, you don’t have to keep the lighting a feel the same throughout since there is not a full coherent story as the final. We tried different lighting, different gels, different post production treatments, and we are very happy with the end images. The model and the booker got a variety of different types of shot and we got to try out some things we are planning on using in future editorials. This is why testing to so important, not only to us but to new models and new people we are adding to our team.

The Jonny Rose Project

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

jonny rose logo 2

We occasionally step into the realm of music photography. Definitely something we would like to do more of. When our friend Jonny Rose approached us to do some promo work for him, we jumped at the chance. He asked for a more contemporary electro feel to the images, simple plain background, more of a portrait of an artist. It was a relatively quick shoot, 2 wardrobe changes, and a couple silhouette shots. Overall pretty good job. The label likes it (really important), the artist likes it (also important), and we like it! For Jonny all things have been go since teaming up with Jive Records. We have got to see him really grow as an artist. When we met him we was in a musical duo but in the past year he has branched off on his own and really has come into his own!

Check out his work:

The Jonny Rose Project
Jonny’s Myspace

What black and white and beautiful all over?

Wednesday, October 21st, 2009

Elena Test (©2009 Kat+ Duck)

hair: Meen Hair

MUA: Daniel K

styling: Francesca Barbarosa Otto

model: Elena Hernandez @ Next Model Management

We had the delight of shooting Elena who was in town for a brief while visiting from the UK.  At the time she was visiting agencies to get signed, but one look at her portfolio and we knew she would not have trouble finding one to sign her, but to choose which one she wants be be with.  Since then, she is now signed with Next Model Management and shooting in LA!  Congrats Elena!

Styling the shoot was Francesca Barbarosa Otto from Italy.  The concept was black and white to really take advantage of the studio cove (it has since turned into a green screen film studio).  The shoot was all about styling, shapes, design, and silhouette.

Ready for Lift Off

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Hair Test (©2009 Kat+Duck)

Hair: Andreas H

MUA: Tina G

Styling: Samantha Sleeper

Model: Lillian @ Basic Model Management

We are currently working with this amazing hair stylist from Austria, Andreas (Seriously go check out his work, it’s pretty mind blowing and I do not say this lightly).¬† I completely forget how he found us or vice-versa, but any how we met him for coffee, and that was a start of a fairly long journey into a sea of hair. Not too long after our initial meeting he was coming over every day to work on hair and when the place he was staying in was closed down, he ended up moving in.¬† He is such a workaholic, our entire entry way is covered in hair!

We planned a crazy big shoot that was supposed to happen last weekend but has been pushed to this weekend since we want everything to be perfect.  Instead we worked on a hair test to see how at least one of the pieces looked and how robust of a model we will need to be casting.  So at this exact time I have hair, makeup, stylist, and of course ourselves.  Now to cast 3 models who can endure this amazing shoot Рand trust me this one will be amazing!

Of course, while I am sitting here writing this and writing emails to bookers and photoshopping the last 2 shoot and working on our promo, I am starting to realize that I think we may indeed benefit form an intern!¬† That being said and the little angry man in my head telling me to get back to work, I leave you with a few images from last Sunday’s shoot.

Edit: Now time has passed since I initially wrote this past post and we have so far shot the hair story for submission and are in the process of editing and doing all the post work.¬† The hair ended up looking amazing and came out even BETTER than this test.¬† We are so very pleased with the outcome.¬† Sad I cannot post those at the moment, so you will just have to deal with the test shoot for now, happy in the knowledge that an amazing hair story will eventually be posted in it’s stead.

Oh and now Andreas has gone home and we are back to planning another one month stay and non stop photo shoots!

Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

Friday, September 11th, 2009

The other test we recently finished with Major Model Management (Tsubasa) was another shoot that originally was supposed to be something completely different.¬† With the beautiful new white cove studio reserved, we had everything lined up for a 9am shoot.¬† It was going to be a full fashion story with 6-8 looks based on architectural shapes – very strong graphics and silhouettes.¬† 9am rolls around no model no fashion….. hmmmm, not to fear, the name of the game is improvisation.¬† We called our favorite people over at Major and they sent over Tsubasa, a very beautiful model from Japan.¬† Fashion showed up right before then with a newly inspired Michael Jackson look.¬† Not what was planned on, but working none the less.¬† The unfortunate part of the day was that we had lost time and instead of a full fashion story that we could shop around, we had to limit it to a test since we had to be out of the studio by 5pm.¬† Stll, some lovely images and we now LOVE shooting on the cove, and shooting in black and white!

Don’t Stop ‘Til YouGet Enough (¬©2009 Kat+Duck)

MUA: Daniel K

Hair: Kristin Jackson

Fashion:  Bianca

Model: Tsubasa @ Major

Gone Fishing

Friday, September 11th, 2009

We finished all the post for the last 2 tests we did with Major Model Management.

We had one of our favorite hair stylists come all the way from Baltimore with a case full of hair and a simple concept Рnets.  Granted as always the shoot did not take form how we originally envisioned it, but the finals are quite nice.

Neon Nets (©2009 Kat+Duck)

Hair: Kahlil Oliver

MUA: Daniel K

Model: Kacie @ Major

Pictures of you

Monday, August 31st, 2009

We have a lot of shoots currently under review right now and hopefully will be able to share the final outcomes really soon.  We had a shoot with this fantastic upcoming fashion designer, Samantha Sleeper Рkeep an eye on her, we have a feeling she is going to do some spectacular things.  The story is dark and moody, glamorous and sexy, we love love love this shoot and just cannot share yet!  We also have been experimenting on the cove in the downstairs studio Рan entire room of white coved loveliness!!!

As always in the meantime, we have outtakes!  You do just love seeing our beautiful faces!

Oh yes, and in other news, we hung out the other day with one of Duck’s photographer friends from San Francisco, Hudson Cuneo.¬† Check out his work -it’s divine!

Hudson Cuneo

We went out to Coney Island last Saturday, something I have not done since I did that shoot for Auxilliary Magazine’s Summer issue!¬† It was a perfect day, nicely overcast and threatening to rain.¬† So we grabbed umbrellas and went to the seaside.¬† Sadly everything was closed except one lonely Peruvian roast chicken stand.¬† With the promise of beer we sat down and oredered some chicken and plantains only later to find out that the aforementioned beer was not to be!¬† It was still a great day talking shop and a nice excursion out from the photography studio!KDchains

There is something caught in my net

lost in the void

the oldest profession

Dirt Mansion

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

The joy of photography is the lack of immediacy of which we can show our work to the general public.  First we have to wait for selects from bookers, then we have to do the post production on the images, and then we have to wait and see if they are going to in fact be published and if they are when the visibility embargo ends on them.  Only then can e post images on the blog.  That being said we did a shoot with our pop star friends Dirt Mansion.  They are another great creative team, Katie and Johnny.  Check them out!

Dirt Mansion

We got really great access to this beautiful location in Manhattan which really helped set the mood of the shoot.¬† With the aide of a fantastic stylist who pulled some really current designer fashion, we pulled off a pretty good looking shoot, if I do say so myself….




Better late than never

Thursday, July 30th, 2009

Something my parents always told me that it is always better late than never so here is un update and hopefully more regular posting that is for sure!  So the last posting was from waaaaaay back in June after our fabulously long and hot road trip across country, starting with a nice little test shoot in San Francisco.  I can finally post some outtakes and some completed images from that shoot!268704_800_bf136f



K+D SF outtakes

It was fun, but rather in the past so we move on.  Since coming back we did some testing with Click Model Management, which was fun and we tried out differnt lighting techniques and feels from the usual beauty we normally do.  We thought this time we will do something pretty :)





Pan American Death Trip Pt. 3

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Specifically New Orleans. Booked 2 nights at this lovely boutique hotel next to the French Quarter. Sad that our friend in NOLA were out of town, but we did get a bunch of advice on where to go. We had the most amazing food, gumbo, blackened redfish, marinated crab claws, po’boys, and bignets! We also squeezed in checking out 2 of the many hundred (or so it seams) cemeteries, a drink on Bourbon Street, a trolley ride, a voodoo shop, and both buying and then breaking my jar of pickled okra on the floor of the bignet shop. And yes, it was a hot, sticky, sweaty 106 degrees!!!! Sad to leave, not sad to get out of the weather. Much come back and visit friends. Everyone there was so bloody nice!
Decided the get the hell out of Dodge and come back to the land of the living. We were tired and we missed the cats, so drove straight through Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Jersey – that is not an easy feat kids!
Now we are back, rested, showered, and back to the task of being photographers. Stay tuned there is always more to come……

Pan American Death Trip Pt. 2

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Visited some of Duck’s family, had a nice home cooked dinner (thank God, I get so tired of eating out all the time). Then off again the next day. Stopped in the Saguaro National Forrest. Filled with the stick ‘em up cacti. Getting hotter….
Drove through New Mexico in the dead of night and on to Texas:
Stopped off in Austin and stayed with a friend of a friend, don’t you just love those, they always seem to help when you are in a bit of a pickle of just low on funds… Very cool city but did not have enough time to really explore. Its like a California city plonked in the middle of Texas – weird! Really must go back. Hotter yet but nothing compared to our next stop…