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Reckless Sons

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Last week we were asked to shoot the Reckless Sons, so we grabbed a portable flash pack and followed the guys around the East side of Manhattan, ending up in the Bowery Electric (a regular spot they perform at). While we did shoot some in colour and some indoors, here is a selection of our favorites from the day.

“Inspired by a truly eclectic set of influences, Reckless Sons are the product of Butler’s vision of a brand new school of American Rock n’roll. From Springsteen to The Replacements, from The Rolling Stones to The Stone Roses, Reckless Sons are an expression of love for timeless songwriting paired with an urgency that only comes from the young and hungry.” -CMJ

The Jonny Rose Project

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

jonny rose logo 2

We occasionally step into the realm of music photography. Definitely something we would like to do more of. When our friend Jonny Rose approached us to do some promo work for him, we jumped at the chance. He asked for a more contemporary electro feel to the images, simple plain background, more of a portrait of an artist. It was a relatively quick shoot, 2 wardrobe changes, and a couple silhouette shots. Overall pretty good job. The label likes it (really important), the artist likes it (also important), and we like it! For Jonny all things have been go since teaming up with Jive Records. We have got to see him really grow as an artist. When we met him we was in a musical duo but in the past year he has branched off on his own and really has come into his own!

Check out his work:

The Jonny Rose Project
Jonny’s Myspace

Dirt Mansion

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

The joy of photography is the lack of immediacy of which we can show our work to the general public.  First we have to wait for selects from bookers, then we have to do the post production on the images, and then we have to wait and see if they are going to in fact be published and if they are when the visibility embargo ends on them.  Only then can e post images on the blog.  That being said we did a shoot with our pop star friends Dirt Mansion.  They are another great creative team, Katie and Johnny.  Check them out!

Dirt Mansion

We got really great access to this beautiful location in Manhattan which really helped set the mood of the shoot.¬† With the aide of a fantastic stylist who pulled some really current designer fashion, we pulled off a pretty good looking shoot, if I do say so myself….